Well, Hello!

So what’s this all about?
Well, on a TV show that I saw as a kid, there was a character called Maynard G. Krebs. 
And he made quite an impression on me. 
Maynard G. was laid back and innocent and funny. He wasn’t overly interested in material things; He wore scruffy clothes and, in an otherwise “clean-shaven” era, he sported a goatee.
He was okay about being different.
He was the exact opposite of pretty well everyone in my small factory and farming hometown in Southern Ontario Canada, including me.
Maynard G. was a “Beatnik”.
He was part of the Beatnik subculture of the time – Poets and Storytellers and Folksingers who gathered together to share their work in coffee houses or basements or even around kitchen tables. They’d hang out and talk Social Philosophy (Sociology, Psychology, Social Economic Philosophy), about ideas for creating a better world. 
My work channels my “inner beatnik”.
My work – poetry, prose, satire and lyrics –  continues that Social Philosophy dialogue.

Borrowing from the mantra of YouTube’s The History Guy, I have a degree in Social Philosophy and I like Social Philosophy.
And I love creating ideas.

Hopefully my work touches your inner beatnik!

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Glad to have you aboard.

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