Yes one can still get Covid. After escaping the virus for some three years, it finally caught up to me. And it wasn’t pleasant. Mostly I was just super tired with some sinus issues. Then as those symptoms subsided the dry cough started up and decided to stay for a couple of weeks. So there went May.

I did get to experience being accosted by an anti-masker. A lady, old enough to know better, confronted me about wearing a mask when I was in public (post- contagion, but she had no way of knowing this!) She indignantly told me that I didn’t need “THAT”. I told her that I had gotten Covid and yes, I did need the mask. Her eyes went wide and she said “You got Covid?” I said yes and told her that I still had a cough that some people found dragged on for weeks. She apologised and moved away.

So the cough is subsiding now, with a bit of codeine and mostly with going without talking and resting for about two days straight.

I am easing back into my former routines of writing and music and gardening/spring cleaning.

I didn’t post Auntie Pander last month so I will post some this month. And I am continuing to work on a podcasting idea for presenting my work.

Hope you can avoid Covid. Stay healthy and keep your mind open.