Tough Times in Vernal City

Sol had been

“On vacation”

Mr. White had muscled in,

Ice in his veins,

Gripped the whole territory,

Kept things cool.

Now Sol was back,

Packing heat.

Ice melts.

Bye bye, Mr. White.

The ripe smell of festering rot rises.

The aroma of opportunity 

for every vicious cannibal 

or carnivore

Willing to contest 

for a piece of the action

I watch

the turf wars spring 

wide open

Survival of the fittest 

Mixed with luck

And meddling.

The old and the weak

Step to the plate 

one last time

And are struck down

Those not ready

Don’t get a second chance

To contend

Sol, who set it all in motion 

Just hovers over the battleground 

Adding fuel to the fire

until it all comes to a fiery finish.


I’m just the clean up crew, 

A cross between a cop and a coroner 

Committed to keeping some order 

amidst the chaos 

but mostly 

just carting away the evidence.

Some day

They’ll cart me away too.

Sol giveth 

and Sol 

taketh away